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commission, said we are not giving any restrictions to the moderator other than time limits. candy does have wiggle room to see, kind of, actually, says respond organically to the nature of the debate. lots of things in play. stay tuned tonight. keep it here on abc for that starting at 9:00 eastern. >> is organic one of the hottest word right now? >> indeed, whole foods. two motorcycles collided escorting michelle obama from a campaign stop. the motorcycles sideswiped one another as the motorcade headed to the airport. state trooper and police officer were hurt but now in stable condition at a nearby columbus hospital. the peanut recall stemming from a nationwide salmonella outbreak has been expanded. sunland inc. added raw and roasted peanuts to a list of now more than 400 contaminated peanut products. so far, 35 people in 19 states have been sickened. sunland sells peanuts, peanut
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butters brands at trader joe's, whole foods. wal-mart, target, costco and kroger. be careful. warning from the fda about tainted drugs from the massachusetts pharmacy. the agency says products at the pharmacy may also cause life threatening illnesses. the new warning involves a second steroid and products use ford heart and eye surgery. so far, 15 people have died of meningitis from a steroid linked to the pharmacy. u.s. customs agents have seized a big shipment of halloween costumes from china that pose a danger to kids. the buttons on the pirate outfits contain 11 times the legal limit of lead. more than 1,300 of the costumes were en route to stores in the seattle area before they were targeted by agents. >> yeah, you go home end of the week. you realize you made a difference. you really made an impact. and you kept some child from getting sick. or some person's house from
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burning down. >> the costumes are worth $10 t they will all be destroyed. last year custom agents stopped 11,000 shipments of lead contaminated products. you heard the gentleman talking about the health effects. can poison developing brains, lead can. costumes are marketed for young kids. frightening to think that there is not -- a lot of -- power over that. there is not a lot of oversight. >> good news inspectors are going to start to pull some costumes from ports where shipments have been received. at least they're aware of it and on it. you never know how much got out there. the dangerous part. keep an eye on that as well. okay. let's call this one just way, way too close for comfort. some young americans traveling on the train, go ahead and stick their head outside, keep an eye there on the right, yeah, she was that close to being decapitated by that oncoming train. oh, man. a warning to you college kids
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going overseas next semester. don't do that. watch. could have been a deadly ending to that. wow. >> at least the boy was. >> only in college can you feel that invincible. wow. some guys in maine have some explaining to do now that the names of 21 alleged clients in the so-called zumba prostitution ring have been released all names said to be clients of alexis wright charged with operating a pay-for-sex operation out of her exercise studio. now, fathers, husbands, prominent business owners, are named. there at least one attorney. maybe a law enforcement official. a realtor. this is a small town of 10,000 people. everybody knows everybody else's business. >> good cardio. >> thank you for that one, rob. two hikers who vanished in montana's glacier national park have been reunited with their families. the two were found alive and
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uninjured yesterday after a three-day search. the men are beth veterinarians from virginia and said to be experienced hikers. their wives reported them missing friday after both of them failed to catch their flights home. third is. stories look that, don't often have a happy ending. that is one. good news. a look at your weather on this tuesday morning. a passing shower in northern new england and south florida. summerlike, oh, along the gulf coast, oh, i miss those days. thunderstorms in southern texas. scattered showers around the great lakeses. a rainy day in the northern rockies and pacific north west. >> 60s from seattle to billings. 80s across the south. 60s from boston to bemore. attention san diego chargers' fans, please step back from the ledge. it is not the end of the world. even though your team surrendered a 24-point halftime lead last night. uh. >> peyton manning led the broncos back from the dead.
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throwing three second-half touchdown passes. and a couple of defensive touchdowns. san diego's 24-0 lead wound up a 35-24 loss. 35 unanswered points. >> unreal. unreal. look at that. the goat of the game, probably, phillip rivers, he threw four picks and lost two fumbles. yeah, that ain't good. that, that will change the tone of the game a little bit. ugly, ugly. ugly. >> they have done this a couple times before, late game come backs, 24 points. couple minutes left. >> forget the neck injury. one of the best to throw a ball. still to come, a free fall from the edge of space, a rover on mars, what could be next in the world of science? a look at the new frontier of exploration. first, moms, strollers, toys, a rundown of the top baby products of america. it is all coming up on "world news now." ♪ oh baby baby baby baby baby ♪
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>> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by comfort medical.
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♪ baby baby baby ♪ i got so much love in me >> welcome back, everybody. there are some really amazing new products. new toys out there for your baby and your toddler. who better to tell us all about them, our toy insider mom, laurie scheck. what do you have today? >> thank you. we'll start with our cabbage patch baby. >> i wanted another baby. >> cabbage patch smells like the baby, still comes with adoption
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papers, pacifier. great gift for a baby, bringing home a new baby, a great gift for a sibling. they can take care of their baby. >> uh-huh. >> one of the biggest investments you will make. in a stroller. broadway by j.j.cole. big basket at the bottom. adjustable arms. a bassinet now. >> nice. >> i can turn this around. baby can face either way. i can turn it into my regular stroller. i just lift this up. the seat comes up. there are straps at the bottom. awesome. this is a memory foam liner. for the stroller. washable, machine washable. and nonslip. >> they're always slipping down. >> you are going to hold the baby the whole time. >> i have another one, actually. >> our music school. we start out without the legs as baby is sitting. get up. standing, walking. couple. 50 activities. different mode. learning and music. and english and spanish.
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>> si senorita. great. a microphone. i like that. and an off button. >> an off button. which i know you really love? >> this has an off button too. >> yes it does. >> this is really cool, the watch over me baby soother by bluebox. really great. a five phase sleep system for babies. so we put the baby to sleep. turn this on. it is going to go through a whole series of lights and music. there is a sensor. if the baby stirs -- what will happen is this will go back on. music, white noise, sound. and puts baby back to sleep. hopefully mom and dad get to sleep the night. your favorite thing? >> i love this. a quick investment. $3. >> $3.99. it's get healthy. kids should wash their hand. a tough thing to do. this will play for 20 second. how long a child should be washing their hand for. and fits on any soap dispenser. >> i love it. why didn't i think of that?
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now this is probably our, one of our biggest investments. >> pink plus baby monitor system. really cool. for one thing, regular monitor. you have it in the baby's room. go around the house, you can see and hear the baby on the hand held. go to work, logon, the internet. you can see the baby. >> really? >> here is what is cool. download the free app on any device. military family, grandparents living some where else. just on the train. go on to your phone. go on to the app. >> you can check in on the baby. off a >> check on the baby anywhere in the world. >> that's great. that is great. >> now i will show you this, ultimate portable crib, whether you are going to grandma's, soccer field, your own backyard. this is it. that's how quick the setup is. >> no way. >> you know the arms trying to get them up. >> mattress goes underneath. the pad in here comes out. machine washable. take it anywhere. fold up just as quickly as i undid it.
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this is our -- >> the ball-palooza. we have lights and sound. crawling, playing at the bottom. when they're older they're playing on top. it is lots of fun tc. it will keep them active. play on all side of it. >> that is beautiful. >> and how long to put it together? >> i had some help. >> thank you. this is wonderful. just for posterity, everybody. >> that's right. our thanks to laurie, the toy insider mom. thank you for coming in. >> if your's happy and you know it. >> clap your hand. >> clap your hands, everybody.
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♪ ♪ well, appropriate song.
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that is for sure. talk about living on the edge. well the man who jumped down from space through the stratosphere at 800 miles an hour, he survived. and almost picture perfect landing. >> yes, he did live to tell about it. so is there anything left to conquer in this brave new world. abc's david wright looks at these daredevils, past and present. >> reporter: we call them daredevils because they're literally daring the devil. forming a suicidal stunt, and getting away with it. in this case, a stunt seen before only in a "star trek" movie. hollywood fantasy made real. no wonder we're all transfixed. harry houdini, evel knievel, david blaine, what separates daredevils from mere stunt men may be the backdrop. the tightrope walker perched over niagara falls is as compelling in 2012 as it was in 1876, where a man made wonder, a
2:51 am
bridge, or a buding. a pair of buildings. felipe petite, the man on the wire whose flight of fancy is all the more poignant because that wonder is gone. like petite, felix baumgartner spent years planning the jump. while others are planning the next great frontier. a journey to the center of the earth, jules verne for real. less than a century ago, pie lots were daredevils. charles lindbergh pushing boundaries that now we take for granted. without neil armstrong there would be no felix baumgartner. >> one small step for man -- >> reporter: baumgartner's giant leap didn't defy gravity he submitted to gravity all the way down. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> it is nothing quite as death defying as working this show. when i think of brave, i think
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of you, rob. >> oh, look at me. >> don't make me go. >> deaw >> thank god my diaper was on tight. i needed it "the mix" is coming up next. maid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febreze eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ [ male announcer ] febreze. eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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welcome back to "the mix," everybody. i have this on. rob likes the studio antarctica. >> paula doesn't believe in wearing sleeves, we are now into fall, yeah. >> if you are looking for light reading from journal of molecular cell. why your brain could be making your fat, not necessarily what you put on your plate. here you go. a new study from university of michigan, hail to the victors, they say, they don't respond to hormones that regulate our appetite because they're focusing on leptin which plays a role in regulating body weight by signaling to the brain to reduce your appetite and burn more calories. as a result has a significant link to obesity.
2:56 am
they say some of us, our brains are wired differently. >> to be -- >> we don't respond to hormones that regulates appetite. again all of this in "the journal of molecular cell" for light reading. >> my favorite magazine right next to my "maxim." we heard this since we were kids. wash your hand. wash your hand. there is truth to this. it is sound advice. if you are eating something now you may want to put it down. it says 26% of hands sampled show traces of fecal contamination and bacteria including e.coli. 60% of participants admit they'd did not wash their hand before eating. one of seven bank notes contains as much bacteria as a dirty toilet bowl. your debit card, that we all live by these days, you know what it could contain as much bacteria as a dirty, ditty toilet bowl. [ toilet flushing ] >> exactly.
2:57 am
what i'm saying. >> you would be better than licking the toilet bowl. >> what you do on the weekend is your business. i am just trying to bring people the facts here. >> dirty facts. >> the swiper, handing it off to the clerk or whatever. swipe and wipe. swipe and wipe. today's password. >> swipe always, good advice for dudes. and for gentlemen. and they say that men should wear purple to attract a partner. 28% of women say they have declined a date because they did not like that person's clothes. >> that's crazy. >> it is true. 28%. 2,000 women were polled. they said 60% clothes are top deal breaker followed by a suitor's haircut, 17%, style of shoes. even if they get past the first level, 25% say they're going to try to weed it out for the next date. >> do you typically notice, an outfit a deal breaker for you or
2:58 am
not? outfit a deal breaker for you or not? >> i will really admit i have action i love telling big stories about big heroes. but, at the end of the day, real life is better than any story. our service men and women are e real heroes. every day th make the sacrifices for their country; for my country; for my son's country. the uso gives us real ways to suppoport our real hees. there is a way we can say thanks. you can to and make a real difference in their lives today. do it.
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this morning on "world news now" -- a critical contest. >> the presidential candidates count down to their second debate as mitt romney seeks to keep his edge. president obama is looking to get back on top. it's tuesday, october 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we're trying to immitate our voiceover guy. >> we love him. paula faris. >> yeah. and rob nelson. >> that's it. we'll have the latest on how the candidates prepared for tonight's debate. how the format though could be a challenge in a few hours. and what each man is hoping to accomplish. first a look at some of the other stories we're going to
3:01 am
cover in this half-hour. well that recall expands, more products, more illnesses and now more question as but what exactly -- about what exactly is safe to eat when it comes to this massive peanut butter recall. >> the name you saw the one you should look out for there, sunland, the name at the center of all this. any product you have with the name on it better chuck it than risk getting sick. >> a lot of times that name is not on the label. they buy it, trader joe's will put their own label on top of it. >> exactly. exactly. also this half-hour -- flipping fashionable again. the trend that some say helped fuel the housing crisis is now making a comeback. how some middle men are making a profit once again. >> and middle women. >> indeed. and the diva's dollars, britney spears come back is translating to her checkbook. we will open the inventory and see how the pop princess is spending her millions. >> good to see britney coming
3:02 am
back. had a rough few years, the meltdown, kind of her dad took control of her finances. and then the marriages and all that. good to see. >> four other meltdowns. >> yeah, she got real famous and real rich real fast. i think that's tough. good to see her. kind of, really young. that's a lot to handle. good to see her getting back to her a game. >> awe first on this tuesday morning, days of intense preparations will give way to 90 minutes of presentations tonight as the presidential candidates spar for the second of their three debates. this time, foreign and domestic policy, use will be in play. and the event comes exactly three weeks before election day. abc's karen travers is at the debate site in hempstead, new york, with the latest. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, paula. remember before that first debate when both campaigns were bending over backward to try and lower expectations. well we are not hearing that this time from the obama campaign. they're trying to reassure anxious democrats that the
3:03 am
president is going to show up tonight very prepared and very aggressive. president obama and mitt romney are off the trail gearing up for their second round in the ring. tuesday night's showdown will be a townhall, audience members will be asking the questions which have been preselected by the moderator. neitherdate candi has held many campaign events like this recently even with intense prep sessions this format could bring challenges. >> beth candidates have to tread lightly. because if they are -- going on the offense too aggressively with each other, that can spill over to the audience. and make them look too combative. >> reporter: president obama was widely criticized after the first debate. his campaign says he has made adjustments. >> well i think he is going to be aggressive in making the case for his view of where we should go as a country. >> reporter: both candidates spent the weekend hunkered down. romney in boston. the president in williamsburg, virginia. >> it is going great.
3:04 am
>> reporter: since their first showdown, the race has tightened. a new abc news/"washington post" poll found a huge spike in strong enthusiasm among romney supporters. but it also found the president still holding a slight lead among likely voters nationwide. the romney campaign points to a "usa today" gallup poll that has them up five points i the key battleground states. that sets up a high-stakes showdown here on long island tonight. president obama's hoping for a comeback. moit romn mitt romney is hoping for a knockout. back to you. >> karen, thanks a lot. all eyes on the two men tonight. they have got to be feeling some of the pressure right now. a lot on the line. >> who do you think has more pressure, mitt romney, or president obama? because he turned in such a lackluster performance last time. i would say obama. >> i would say obama too. he knows how badly he messed up. advisersised a different president. he has to deliver. and a wrench in things here,
3:05 am
candy crowly will be the moderator. she kind of threw things into a tailspin saying she is going to be kind of, in, supposed to be an audience dominated debate. she said, look, i am going to ask follow-ups. going to be there. not just a fly on the wall she says. what did she say, i will react organically to what is happening. she is going to kind of inject herself more than the campaigns anticipated. that should be interesting as well. she is a great reporter. and a very smart woman. that could add another dynamic. >> both side actually agreeing on this saying this is not how we had it drawn up. and the bipartisan committee is even saying, no you are not really allowed to do that. kind of stepping out of your bound. interesting to see how much push and shove. how much she will push back tomorrow night, tonight rather. >> can't imagine that candy will be a shrinking violet or flower. >> don't see that happening at all. lots going on. stay tuned. of course keep it here on abc for complete coverage. our entire political team will be right here tonight. one-on-one, candidates' debate,
3:06 am
round two coming up tonight. 9:00 p.m. eastern. 6:00 pacific. now to the growing political storm over that deadly attack on a u.s. consulate in libya. secretary of state hillary clinton now says that she takes full responsibility for any security failure that led to that attack. three leading republicans responded by saying that the security of americans serving overseas ultimately rests with the commander-in-chief. and some people aren't putting her on the hot seat saying if you do find that those were responsible, still don't know exactly who was responsible, will you retaliate so close to the election? she said, quote, we will track them down, who ever did this and hold them accountable and bring them to justice. didn't say before the election. but will bring them to justice. >> an ambassador was killed for the first time in 30 years, three other innocent americans. you have to believe -- we would hope -- that whatever process is going on to find the people behind it that, the politics of the moment would not inter,
3:07 am
interfere with that. and just for the sake of justice, the people who did this need to be, need to be found. a lot of people say hillary is taking a butt it f taking -- taking a bullet for the president. >> spokesman for the islamists says if the u.s. retaliates, i promise you will be multiply the september 11th attack, by ten, a direct quote by spokesman for the islamists. >> obviously fighting words there. but i mean, we have seen it before. the country doesn't shrink away from that. importance of them labelling it as a terrorist attack. that implies that -- that if it was a deliberate act we are going to retaliate in some way. so, stay tuned as we look to say. pretrial hearings for self proclaimed 9/11 mastermind, khalid sheik mohamed and four terror defendants will be in guantanamo bay. hearings got under way yesterday. this time around proceedings went smoothly unlike the chaotic
3:08 am
arraignment five months ago. family members of the 9/11 victims can watch from several military bases. and this father followed every step from a base in brooklyn. >> my wife and i lost our son, keith, a paramedic. it is important for us to be here to continue his -- his legacy if you want, or -- his memory. we are his voice. >> the hearings are expected to last all week even though the prosecution filed a motion requiring the defendants to attend. the judge ruled they do not have to appear, at least, for this week. with her long journey out of pakistan over now, the young girl who was targeted by the taliban is now in stable condition at a hospital in england. officials at the hop aspital ar even talking positively about her recovery. nick schifrin reports from birmingham. >> reporter: nearly killed simply for wanting to go to
3:09 am
school. malala yousafzai began her recovery. the doctors removed her ventilator and she responded to stimuli, moving her fingers and toes. they flew the 14-year-old 4,000 miles. for starters as many as 17 specialists will examine her in the next 24 hours. eventually they will have to reconstruct her entire skull, shattered from a taliban bullet fired point-blank. this hospital not only provide better care than she can receive in pakistan, it is safer, because in pakistan, the taliban promised to keep on trying to kill her. malala yousafzai represents the best of pakistan, the taliban took over the neighborhood and blew up girls' schools, she fought back and became a potent symbol of resistance. >> we must have the confidence to say that this is going on and must raise our voice. >> now, malala will fight back. she will heal, return home and go back to school.
3:10 am
nick schifrin, abc news, birmingham. in other news this morning, the search is over for two missing hikers in a snowy trails of montana's glacier national park. neil peckins and jason heiser, veterinarians were found alive yesterday afternoon with no injuries. their families reported them missing on friday after they failed to catch their flight home. search crews found them after scouring the mountain covered by a foot and a half of snow. two lucky gents there. onto the world series, san francisco giants didn't take long, taking the lead last night against saint lou ills. their first batter, pagan hitting a solo home run, bottom of the first inning. then the giants broke it wide open in the fourth. taking on four more runs. that would prove to be enough. san francisco goes on to win, 7-1. so this series, nlcs, is tied. game three wednesday night in saint lup ilt. louis. game three of the alcs, tonight
3:11 am
in detroit, tigers leading that series, 2-0 over the yankees. then there is this, a video that just makes us want to say or even scream "do not try this yourself, please." >> check out this little brain surgeon here. the one dangling that piece of food right in the face of the massive crocodile. now, give him some credit for keeping his head. when he sinks into the mud a precarious situation. eventually the croc gets his food. and this really intelligent dude heads back to the mensa meeting. can you imagine toying with a croc like that. you got to be kidding me. >> he should be crying crocodile tears. that was so dumb. >> dent get it. >> dent on't do that at home. a distant memory, buying homes to make a profit. but flipping is now fashionable. >> first, hundreds of products from peanut butter to ice cream, the nationwide recall has expanded once again.
3:12 am
let you know what is now on the list. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes
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the outbreak of salmonella, linked to peanut butter and nut
3:16 am
products led to 35 people in 19 states now becoming severely ill. >> the manufacturer sunland is now expanding its recall to even more peanut products. abc's brandi hitt has the consumer warning. >> reporter: good morning, rob, paula. it is not just peanut butter any more. the list of recalled products possibly contaminated continues to grow. the nation wide salmonella peanut recall is expanding and more people are getting sick. >> i had eaten peanut butter three days in a row i just got so sick. >> reporter: barbara who lives in phoenix claims to be one of dozens sickened in 19 states. the lists of contaminated products in the peanut salmonella outbreak is ten pages long and contains 400 products. moon pies, ice cream, and peanut butter, raw and roasted peanuts. the cdc says contamination has been traced to this factory, sunland inc., in new mexico.
3:17 am
>> all the illnesses investigated are related to the peanut butter products from the one plant. >> reporter: sunland sells raw and roasted peanuts and makes peanut butter for brand at trader joe's, whole foods, wal-mart, target, kroger and costco, barbara purchased her peanut butter before the was pulled from store shelves. she is still awaiting salmonella test results and is certain peanut butter got her sick and worries more are at risk. >> i have been feeding this peanut but tire my dogs, i mean, seriously this is a big deal. i mean my friend has six grand kids. she didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: you can find the list of recalled product on the fda website. meantime, sunland inc. closed down facilities during this investigation. rob, paula. >> thank you, brandi. get this, almost 2/3 of those who became ill were kids under age of 10 years old. having that impact on the very young. >> you think about who consumes
3:18 am
the most amount of peanut butter it is children. and i also consume a lot of peanut butter as well. this recall could cost the industry, not just sunland, sunland has 101 products involved roughly, could cost the industry $1 billion. >> wow, wow. be careful. the finger in the peanut butter, and be careful. >> you stick your finger in the jar? >> come on, everyone does that. >> not while any body is looking. >> still ahead this morning, the comeback, a brand new sign in the housing recovery. >> how flipping homes has become profitable again. stay tuned. it's all next.
3:19 am
♪ ♪ ♪ our house is a very, very fine house ♪
3:20 am
>> wow. >> you are seeing -- we are seeing new signs of positive economic growth, new numbers are out, consumer spending is up. >> i had a lot of consumer spending, consumer confidence in you. >> thank you. >> the housing market is looking up, with perspective buyers, house flippers are out once again. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: in the latest sign that america's real estate bubble is on the rebound. greg steinberg and alexander beckett are flipping houses. they bought the two-bedroom home in los angeles and plan to fix it up and sell it fast. making a $50,000 profit. so this is the hallway that led to the bathroom and two bedrooms over there. >> reporter: this was the bathroom. >> yes. >> reporter: four months ago this was the living room, the dining room, you can see the house is under construction, just gutted. in a matter of two months it will be on the market and ready for sale. flipping homes helped fuel the real estate bubble and made for
3:21 am
tv gold. remember all the shows -- from "flip this house." to "flip that house." >> one, two, three. let's get paid. >> reporter: today around the country there are 25% more homes being flipped than last year. and sellers are walking away with an average profit of $29,000. of the houses you are selling, how many would you say are houses being flipped? >> between like 25% and 40%. >> reporter: wow. in this new generation of house flippers, many greedy speculators are being replacinged replacing conscientious buyers. >> flippers are savvy. >> reporter: home sales may be on the rebound, but there is still more work to be done. six years ago, the median home price was about $230,000. today it is only $187,400. still, there are now profits to be made. for those willing to gamble.
3:22 am
>> it is very risky. >> it is high stakes poker. >> reporter: high stakes poker that once again comes with the big payoff. cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. how far will people go to relieve their sore throat?
3:23 am
try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. but lately she's been coming in with less gray than usual. what's she up to? [ female announcer ] root touch-up by nice'n easy has the most shade choices, designed to match even salon color in just 10 minutes. with root touch-up, all they see is you.
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♪ oops i did it again ♪ i played with your heart ♪ oh baby baby >> such a beautiful, pure voice. after her episode four years ago, britney spears has really turned things around and now has the paycheck to prove it. >> indeed, abc's linsey davis has been pouring over the spread sheets and details the mind-boggling budget of a diva. ♪ ooh >> reporter: britney spears has been dancing her way to the top of the charts for more than a decade. at just 30 years old, her reign
3:26 am
as queen of pop has been lucrative, forbes named her second highest paid woman in hollywood of earnings of $88 million in the last 12 months. that doesn't count her reported $15 million paycheck as newest judge on "the x factor." how does a hard working woman spend the cash, an itemized list of britney's 2010 expenses, her fortune under conservativeship, headed by her father, jamie spears since the sing eer's fays breakdown. you want the look, $2,500 in hair and mickup, $4,000 in massage, grooming and nails and $54,000 in clothes. keeping the estate rung, comes at a price. dry cleaning, pet care, household supplies, groceries, travel, nearly $180,000.
3:27 am
and while we'll never fully understand the circus that can be the life of a celebrity, in some ways, britney is just like the rest of us. she regularly goes to stores like target, cvs, t.j.maxx and sears, and mom to jaden james and 7-year-old sean preston, shopped at gap kids, kids footlocker and toys "r" us. >> i think britney does live quite a frugal life. she is really not living beyond her means. especially compared to other hollywood stars. >> reporter: linsey davis, new york. >> i'm happy to see she is doing well. like not living beyond her means which is good. that's the kenwood, louisiana in her. well, see -- >> the man at her side keeps her grounded and done to earth. >> i'm her sugar daddy. it was a half carat. >> half? >> the was huge. that's how we roll on the overnights. i will be home soon, britney. keep them vitles hot. hi, i'm jon secada.
3:28 am
did you knknow that chronic hepatitis c affects approximimately one million hispanic americans? each story is different, but for at least 20 years my father never said how sick he was getting. he stayed silent, never talked over the options with his doctor. if he had, maybe i'd be siting him at home, instead of here. if you still think there's strength in silence, talk to your doctor about your options and learn momore at tune in to hep c dot com.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- ready for a rematch. the presidential candidates face off tonight in their second debate. >> this time, audience members at the town hall-style event will get to ask the questions. it is tuesday, october 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." i love that new voice. >> me too. >> this is "world news now." a cross between sexy and constipated. it's good. >> you can relate. let's do the whole show in the voice. >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. we are going to get a preview of round two of the debates in just a moment. also this half-hour, the big scandal gripping a small town, of 10,000 folks in maine. now, police start revealing the
3:31 am
names of men accused of paying for sex with a zumba instructor. this is just round one of the names that have been disseminated. there will be allegedly many more. >> big scandal, small town. 10,000 folks, everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who has been to that extra credit zumba class. that's a hot little story. then this morning, the snack wars take aim at a new target. check these things out, flaming hot cheeto's. fans of the super salty treat say, "hey, hands off my food." we'll have a taste test here tonight. i asked the question in the meeting -- what is so bad about these things? apparently the salt content is off the charts. that's why these things have gotten controversial. >> have you ever had jalapeno cheeto's? they're amazing. >> i love them. >> speaking of things you love, right? halle berry, right?
3:32 am
>> halle berry. >> what does halle berry have in common with sarah palin, can't tell you, maybe genealogy, family connection? >> way to tease that. >> coming up in "the skinny." >> very interesting stuff. get to that halle berry in just a minute. my favorite berry. but first, the presidential -- presidential candidates will be face to face again tonight in the second of their three big debates. >> last night all about lowering expectations. but for tonight the campaigns are promising strong showings. debate coming with three weeks until election day. abc's jake tapper has a preview. >> reporter: a glimpse of president obama in a rare break from marathon debate prep. >> i brought some food! >> reporter: he emerged briefly to offer an upbeat status report. >> it is going great. >> reporter: a far cry from the grim attitude two weeks ago. back then. >> basically keeping me indoors all the time. >> reporter: that was followed by a performance that conveyed he felt the debate was a drag.
3:33 am
a performance whose toll seems clear. a "usa today" gallup poll has obama trailing in battleground states. 46% to mitt romney's 51%. hunkered down at kings mill resort in historic williamsburg, virginia, the president knows he needs to show voters he is ready to fight for his job. >> nobody is a harsher critic than the president himself. he viewed the tape. i think he is going to make some adjustments tuesday. >> reporter: the president has been holding mock debates on a set like the one at hofstra university, long island, new york. while students have been plague -- playing the candidates as advisers have been playing the real voters. voters who can throw quite challenging curveballs. >> i am one of your middle-class americans. quite frankly, i am exhausted. exhausted of defending you. >> reporter: the president only held one town meeting this year while romney has held 23. the republican is holed up with advisers at his home in belmont, massachusetts working to finesse debate style to avoid moments
3:34 am
like this one in 1992 when george h.w. bush was caught glancing at his watch. >> i am also unemployed. >> joking for instance, he, a multimillionaire is unemployed. and of course many americans have already cast their ballots through absentee ballots and early voting. take a look at the picture of first lady michelle obama with her absentee ballot, signed, sealed about to be delivered to chicago. according to the abc news/"washington post" poll, up to 32% of americans will vote before election day. jake tapper, abc news, new york. folks by the millions out casting ballots. which is good. people are like let's go. let's just decide this thing and move on. three weeks left after more than a year of this. people are ready to vote. >> i think, the people more likely to cast the early ballots are those that have known for months who they're going to vote for. >> absolutely. >> nobody is still waiting to hear anything crucial that is going on. >> the poll we did shows obama 49% to 46%. that's interesting, but not
3:35 am
nearly as telling or important as the battleground polls, what is going on in key, eight, nine states. in that one, romney has the edge, 46 to 51. that really is the telltale. whether the president can reverse that tonight, who knows? aggressive without offending the audience, coming across too aggressive. >> the gallup/"usa today" poll that gives romney the edge in battleground states. some of the questions according to the democrats, the questions that were asked of the pollsters are a little biased. it is not necessarily telling the truth. saying it has deep flaws because they don't screen out many young, minority, renters, urban dwellers. that are more prone to vote for the president. >> all the polls have their weaknesses. the only poll that counts, november 6. >> what is that? make sure you stick with abc news for complete coverage. our entire political team will be right here tonight at this very desk. one-on-one, candidates' debate. 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. >> make sure we clean up afterwards. since diane will be here. all right.
3:36 am
in other news this morning, two hikers lost in the mountains of montana have been found alive after a three-day search. officials at glacier national park say the 32-year-old men, both veterinarians from the state of virginia were not hurt. their wives reported them missing when they didn't catch their scheduled flight home. searchers located their empty car friday night. the men were found yesterday afternoon despite heavy snow and low visibility. and uh-oh, the first names of alleged johns in the so-called zumba prostitution ring in maine have been released. all 21 of the men named are said to be clients of alexis wright who is charged with operating a pay-for-sex ring out of her exercise studio. fathers, husbands, prominent business owners, all of them named. at least one attorney, one realtor. many reportedly live in portland, maine, 50 miles away from kennebunk where wright's studio was located. >> scandal in a small town of 10
3:37 am
,000, everybody knows each other's business. allegedly 150 people implicated in this. first round revealing 21. >> wouldn't you like to be in a coffee shop in that town this morning. >> oh, yes. at least everyone is in shape. >> yes. >> well, a family of george mcgovern says the former democratic presidential nominee has entered hospice care and is coming to the end of his life. long term senator from south dakota who is now 90, ran against richard nixon in 197972, lost ia landslide. it is the election famous for the watergate scandal. in recent years, mcgovern has worked to fight world hunger. his family is asking for privacy right now. a fourth body has been found in the rubble of that collapsed parking garage in miami. officials in south florida say the man's body is buried so deeply it may take actually a few days to recover. they believe the victim is a 53-year-old electrician working at the site at time of the collapse. three other workers also died in the tragedy. in the five-story garage last week. from china, everyone of
3:38 am
course loves a fireworks display. not when they're going off amongst the crowd itself. about 100 folks were hurt over the weekend when low altitude fireworks started exploding at a very low altitude during the opening ceremony of a big festival. most of the injured were treated at a hospital and released soon after. imagine that moment, oh, scary for the folks. could have been a lot worse. >> uh-huh. >> let's take a look now at your tuesday forecast. we will have some showers in the northwest around seattle, portland, billings and jackson, wyoming. some scattered showers from grand rapids to chicago. thunderstorms in south texas. much warmer than normal across the middle of the country. >> kansas city, omaha, hovering near 80 degrees. mostly 60s in the midwest and northeast. and 80s across the south. 93 in phoenix. well, the mystery has been solved in that case of that giant blue eyeball. scientists in florida say the eye likely came from a swordfish. but they will need some genetic testing to make sure. >> the eyeball turned up last
3:39 am
week on a beach in south florida where fishing for swordfish is common this time of year. they say the swordfish needs an unusually large eye -- i would say so -- for hunting at night and navigating depths to 1,000 feet. they say about the size of a softball. uh-huh. >> mystery solved. bam. in the books. coming up next, we have reported several drug busts recently involving famous folks who were all for some reason arrested in texas. turns out it is actually not a coincidence. why one stretch of road is called "the checkpoint to the stars." >> first, a red hot, bite-sized crunchy treat. why the flaming, cheeto's, flaming hot cheeto's in the cross hairs of some school officials. this story is on fire. next! >> salty. ♪ feeling hot hot hot ♪ feeling hot hot hot >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care.
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♪ feeling hot hot hot ♪ feeling hot hot hot >> like this. >> feeling hot? >> welcome back. rhythmless nation. now who does not love those bright red cheeto's, of course, that we all grew up with, of course, now there is a new flaming hot cheeto's, paula and i are going to try in a second. >> where is the water by the way? >> right here. right here. >> there is concern how much sodium, salt in the products. a move to ban them from schools. save some for me.
3:44 am
abc's linsey davis gives us the lowdown on the spicy, salty treats. >> reporter: in the battle over high-calorie, high-salt snacks and schoolkid, the latest target, flaming hot cheeto's. officials in school districts from california to illinois are trying to get them banned. >> if children want to bring in snacks that are high in fat, high in calories, that's their choice. they can do that. but we are not going to be providing those kinds of foods. >> the cheeto epidemic is major. >> reporter: one teacher is featured, in an online video, talking about how problematic she thinks they are. >> flaming hot cheeto's are the biggest problem we have. >> reporter: a teacher in new mexico sent a letter home imploring parents not to let their kids bring them to school. >> i don't have her bringing a family-sized pack of cheeto's to school. i know she will eat the whole bag in one day. >> reporter: the concern isn't that each bag contains 26 grams of fat, it also contains a quarter of the sodium you are
3:45 am
supposed to eat in the entire day. the fda recommends most adults have 2,300 milligrams of salt in a day, about a teaspoon. in a new study, researchers found adults and children are consuming on average an alarming 3,400 milligrams of sodium a day, a third more than they should. frito lay who makes and sells cheeto's with bags with cartoons on the front tells abc news they're committed to responsible and ethical marketing practices which includes not marketing our products to children ages 12 and under. for our taste test, we swapped these original flavored cheeto's. >> 250 milligrams per serving. >> reporter: with lightly salted potato chips. >> 85. >> reporter: big difference. >> wow, about a third. >> we are talking the same aisle in the supermarket, not talking going from the chip aisle to the produce aisle. which would be a better choice. >> reporter: exchange the cookies with a different sweet
3:46 am
snack, kisses. >> this compared to this, 240 milligrams of sodium, versus 35 milligrams of sodium. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in new york. >> pretty tasty. >> hot. >> they are hot. they are salty. you know what i mean? all that salt is bad. high blood pressure all that stuff. they are -- got to be careful. they are delicious. >> don't think they taste saltier than a there -- a normal chip. >> all the horrible stuff on the market. these. fat content. salt content. so much stuff out there. i wonder why cheeto's became the target. >> why do they have to single out cheeto's. >> poor little cat, tiger. don't understand it. >> maybe low sodium cheeto's. >> everyone likes the bad stuff, that's the thing. lower sodium would not taste -- if it is bad for you, the stuff that tastes good. keep eating. >> we should make out. that would be hot. >> these are hot. >> when we come back. we'll see what is going on today.
3:47 am
in "the skinny". >> probably still be eating when we come back. >> indeed. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> we are just going to eat. >> still munching. >> "the skinny." told you we would be. okay --
3:49 am
jennifer aniston hasn't opened up to anybody since her enga engagement to justin, who she has been dating for a yer and a half, until last night on "chelsea lately" and chelsea handler is one of her best friends in all of the world. she appeared on the show and got quite emotional talking about that engagement. >> you are engaged? >> yes. [ applause ] >> oh. oh. aren't you so happy? >> i just got -- >> you are happy. he is the greatest guy ever. you guys make the greatest couple ever. i am so happy for you too. >> is she going to be the flower girl? in the wedding? >> i am just happy for justin. jennifer aniston is one of the most effortlessly sexy women on the planet. something about her is just incredible. so -- >> showed off her 10-carat engagement ring. almost as big as the rock you
3:50 am
bought for halle berry. >> my ex-wife halle berry. >> huh? >> berry. my favorite kind of berry. she gave a fascinating interview to the show "extra" and revealed something i don't think has been reported before. about who she actually, to whom she is actually related. there we go. listen to the actual interview she was there with tom hanks talking about the latest movie. take a listen. >> who are you related to? >> sarah palin. >> no! >> that's what i said -- no! no! >> by what? like a dna thing? >> some twisted way somebody sent me this information. that she was -- >> this is the continuum. >> guessing maybe halle berry is not a conservative republican. going out on a limb. actually, funny, too, tom hanks third cousin, four generations removed from president abraham lincoln. interesting. both have political links there. halle and sarah palin.
3:51 am
that's a -- interesting combo. >> we are probably related as well. >> i'm sure halle can see sarah from her house. it's going to be good. >> you took my line? that was my line. >> i totally stole that. i stole it. >> you only get one line a week. you took it. >> sorry, the cheeto's. >> if you are a fan of the david letterman show, "the late show" his band mate, paul schaeffer is leaving the show after 30 years, he makes $5 million. he says he would rather be napping at that time of night, rather than staying up. he says -- it may not be mutual though. according to "the new york post" -- the feelings he says, letterman has never visited schaeffer before or after the show. only speaks to him on stage. $5 million a year. 62-year-old just wants to rest. really has been loyal to him throughout the switch from nbc to cbs. >> been there a while, yeah. >> seemed like an easy gig. that kind of money. his contract is up 2014. see what he does. real quick, oscars made an
3:52 am
unconventional choice to allow seth mcfarland to host. and tina fey and amy polar will co-host. two hysterically funny women. cheeto's. stay with us. [ nicole ] so i'm trying
3:53 am
3:54 am
new honey, i'm strong when i'm transported to a revitalizing world of golden honey. there, formulas help restore my hair to so silky and strong i rule. [ female announcer ] new honey, i'm strong from herbal essences. try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly,
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and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. ♪ ♪ >> so what do willie nelson, snoop dogg, nelly, and fiona apple have in common? we are not talking singing/rapping? >> no. how about they or their entourage have all been busted because of drugs. abc's mark greenblat has details on what is being called the "checkpoint to the stars," man. ♪ >> reporter: rapper nelly is famous for grammy winning music. ♪ my wife ♪ she left me >> reporter: the tough-talking texas officers weren't asking for autographs after finding
3:56 am
drugs on his tour bus. ♪ nelly talks >> reporter: they didn't arrest nelly tracing the drugs to the security manager suitcase instead. the rapper said neither i nor any one else on the tour bus was aware he had them. the bus want down in a place becoming known as the border checkpoint to the stars near the tiny town of sierra blanca where officers look for drugs in vehicles whether they're from mexico or just driving through from hollywood. ♪ i've been a bad bad girl >> reporter: but everyone heard about it when the checkpoint busted fiona apple with hashish. she spent the night in jail and the same checkpoint snared willie nelson for possession of marijuana in 2010. ♪ south of the border ♪ down mexico way >> reporter: snoop dogg railed against that arrest to tmz back then. >> willie legend -- willie nelson is a legend, man. >> listen, y'all, some times you
3:57 am
need to back off certain people and have a certain amount of respect. >> reporter: early this year, snoop found himself under arrest for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and got invited for a look at the jail from the inside. even the guy who played one of the winklevoss twins, in "the social network," probably wishes he made friends here. he couldn't get marijuana cookies through. >> somebody has got to get the word to them if you are going to be driving cross-country you don't take drugs with you. if you are on i-10 and in sierra blanca, texas you are going to be caught. >> reporter: mark greenblat, abc news. >> snoop-a-doop! >> wow, man! i don't know. that rock star, singer life. you know it always seems to intersect with drugs for so many people. no one is impressed. [ coughing ] >> man. all of them got busted -- imagine if they went on tour together, that would be a -- of a tour. after party. get them together. "up in smoke." >> what would you call it? >> up in smoke. what else would you call it? we'll be back, man. >> announcer: this is abc's
3:58 am
"world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. ♪
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